The Andromeda Platform

Andromeda is an AI-Powered Identity Security Platform that defends enterprises against identity breaches.

How the Platform works

  • The platform aggregates data from a rich set of sources and transforms it to an identity-resource-graph data lake
  • Advanced AI/ML models operate on this graph to continuously produce security and operational insights
  • These insights automate identity and access management tasks, which greatly reduces the attack surface and increases agility in the organization

Why do You Need an Identity Security Platform?

Identity is the perimeter, and identity breaches are becoming more frequent everyday. When an identity compromise happens, the excessive privilege can have a serious negative impact on your business.

An identity security platform protects your company by helping you achieve and maintain the principle of least privilege through intelligent automation of identity entitlements and lifecycle for both human and non-human identities.


Risk and Operational Insights in Real Time

Identify risk trends across posture, behavioral, and privilege risks that are derived from identity attributes and real-time activities.
Detect high-risk human and non-human identities across all clouds and apps in a single dashboard and prioritize response.
Surface inconsistencies and deviations from best practices to keep your business on top of identity hygiene and compliance issues.

Least Privilege

Get comprehensive visibility into who has access to what, including high-risk permissions and usage frequency through analysis of activities.
Automatically maintain least standing privilege based on dynamic usage and
risk: only frequently-used low-risk permissions are maintained in an identity’s
standing privilege; all other permissions are moved to just-in-time access.

Just-in-Time Access

Achieve automated Just-in-Time privileged access with AI-powered approvals based on risk, context, and behavioral analysis.

For Users

Get frictionless, instantaneous access, improving productivity

For Approvers

Eliminate administrative burden for common requests

For IT & Security Teams

Simplify operations through automated provisioning/deprovisioning
Increase security by providing rich context for anomalous requests

Session Summaries

Get an easy-to-understand summary of the privileged session activities using a custom large-language model (LLM).
Detect anomalous activities and deviations from best practices in real time. Shift-left security by enabling users to take swift, self-service action.

Identity Governance and Compliance

Supercharge identity security compliance and lifecycle management.


Discovery and insights of all human and non-human identities in a single dashboard

Lifecycle Management

Automated lifecycle of human & non-human identities
Human ownership tracking of non-human identities

User Access Reviews

Effective user access reviews (UARs) and simplified compliance with automation and rich context