AI-Powered Identity Security Platform

Automate Permissions and Lifecycle for Human and Non-Human Identities

Defend Against Identity Breach
Using Context, Risk, and Behavioral Analysis

Enterprises are at Risk

74% Breaches are Identity Related*
95% Identities have
Excessive Privilege*
Business Impact
Explosion in Identities and Permissions
Manual Permissions Management
*Source: Research reports by Verizon, Microsoft, and Palo Alto Networks

The AI-Powered Identity Security Platform

Andromeda is the only intelligent solution safeguarding enterprises from security breaches across human and non-human identities.

By seamlessly integrating with your company’s zero-trust strategy, Andromeda helps minimize the risk of an identity compromise and its business impact.

Real-Time Risks and Operational Insights

Gain insights from a unified dashboard across human and non-human identities.
Discover identities across rich data sources
Detect posture, behavioral, and privilege risks

Permissions Management on Autopilot

Reduce your attack surface and eliminate excessive privileges. Automatically maintain least privilege for each identity based on usage frequency, permission risks, and resource criticality.

Just-in-Time Access

The first GenAI-powered Just-in-Time (JIT) solution.
Leverage risk, context, and behavioral analysis to empower your workforce with frictionless access to the resources when they need them. Identify anomalies with a human-friendly summary of user activities.

Simplified Governance and Compliance

Take charge of all identities in the organization and simplify compliance.
Full audit of human and non-human identities
Automated identity lifecycles
Intelligent, context-specific user access reviews



Connect your environment in minutes, gain real-time insights, and increase productivity


Achieve continuous, unparalleled protection through automation and artificial intelligence


Manage and secure human and non-human identities across clouds and applications